the Advent Calendar yarns so far: Wolop and Wolbeest


How does she manage to get these colours from plants?!?!

Het Wolbeest:

(orange and tan I hung at the back)

There’s still more gifts to unwrap:

PS that’s my new pincushion
pincushion felted pebble rock
Handfelted pebble by Wolop
she teaches this.


Advent Wool Bliss

This is how my daily 30 minutes of Advent spinning looks like:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat
Prepping and spinning beautiful Saxon Merino for example. I’ve spun two skeins now:


First snow on the roofs today!

Remember how I always call our new car the red bauble? Oh, I’m not sure you know actually…. Well my husband got himself a new car a couple of years back. A NEW one, instead of the used ones we usually have. It’s shiny, it’s red and he still smiles every time he drives it.
insert vol 116 mazda 3 pic by Insert Magazine
(Also he hacked it. Inserted a camera in the back and adjusted the dashboard graphics and swapped the CDplayer for a USB thingie and got a 3Dprinted front for it.)
Anyway, I call it the x-mas bauble.

For Sinterklaas I got a bauble of my own:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

I don’t have the energy to decorate the tree this year. But it decorates itself! Wolbeest Advent Calendar and gifts from Wolop:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

Under the tree, next to my knitting chair, is my little table for tea and knitting. On it: Wolop’s Plant Dyed Advent Calendar!

Such gorgeous shades.

Look who are getting a bit older these days:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

Both still cuddly:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

Advent fun starts here!

The first of December is here! Cats and yarn unite!

Wolbeest Advent Calendar inspection:

Both Wolbeest and Wolop Advent Surprise Calendars under the tree early this morning:

My tree is bare because first we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. It’s a traditional feast in the Netherlands where the Catholic bishop Saint Nicholas from 16th century Spain will ride on the roof tops of all the Dutch houses, on his white horse Amerigo, accompanied by his Moorish staff. Together they send presents down the chimneys.

Sinterklaas 2010 Den Haag

Adults exchange gifts accompagnied by silly rhymes which poke friendly fun at the recipient. All writen by Saint Nicholas or Moorish Pete of course.

What do you think of my x-mas tree hack? Prevents condensation on my wooden furniture:

When in doubt: pizza.

Wolop’s Advent Box is a treat!
Every day has a separately wrapped present. So much attention has gone into this!

I went out and got some real fir branches and festive sparkles and made a Wolop Advent Guirlande:

A present for each day.

There was cat supervision:

Here is the first installment of Wolop Advent Box:

What a gorgeous colour! How is that possible with plant dyes? The metal, cellery coloured tree hanger is a wonderful companion. (This is a night time photo, I’ll make sure to take day time pictures from now on.)

And the first day of Wolbeest:

Also a great colour! For now I’ll put them in the tree.

Looking forward to tomorrow. There’s still the Tea Advent Box to open and I was planning to do all the spinning this advent. The advent stars need to be put up before Sunday.





santa sushi pic by pinguino k
I’ll explain later.

Weird Wool Wednesday: a cat yarn surprise box!


Which knitter do you know that loves to draw cats? That’s right, I made the sketch for the PR above!

It’s for a yarn club in January from Het Wolbeest, the indie dyer with the ice cream parlour and the wonderful cats and dogs I visited two weeks ago. It will consist of four instalments of handdyed fingering yarn based on four cats!

This is a luxurious surprise box including full skeins, minis, goodies and cat artwork. Start the new year with cats who appreciate knitting and knitting appreciating cats! Ships internationally too.

I’m going to make another drawing to promote this. And I’m getting this box! I love cats and handdyed yarn.

Wool beast Wool feast: knitters’ party at Het Wolbeest in Swalmen.

Today I visited Het Wolbeest to celebrate her birthday. Previous I’ve been to her studio, for felting bags, and the ice cream parlour. Today we sat in her living room. On the wall is the art that’s featured in her ravatar:
wolbeest wolfeestje

There was also art on the table:
wolbeest wolfeestje

We sat and knitted and enjoyed ourselves 🙂

The Woolbeast has some fantastic Wool Beast Wool Feast Beasts:
wolbeest wolfeestje Molly. wolbeest wolfeestje Floki. wolbeest wolfeestje Benny.


This was my gift to Het Wolbeest, who loves cosy Autumn forest creatures and tea and wool:
wolbeest wolfeestjewolbeest wolfeestje
wolbeest wolfeestje
Together with some “apple pie tea” from Thee en Kruid (it’s called “notendroom” in the shop but I swear it’s apple pie tea).

knitters’ party at Wolbeest (the ice cream parlour LYS)

Yesterday there was a knitters’ party at Het Wolbeest, the LYS plus ice cream parlour I’ve told you about before:

Wool studio Het Wolbeest and Italian handmade ice cream parlour Da Giovanni in Swalmen. Such a splendid combination!

In the back there’s a big wool studio for (felting) workshops and outside there’s a rest area where we sat knitting and eating cake:

Sock madness in the wild:

That Fabel sock at the bottom is a Symphony Socks competing for the last two spots on its team. Knit knit knit!

Het Wolbeest dyes some spectacular self striping yarn and makes a mean “arretjescake“, a typical Dutch, no-bake chocolate cake:

Another one of her self striping yarns, with a solid mini for cuffs, heels and toes. This one is called Cheshire cat:

I chose a non-striping yarn in colours that made me drool for ice cream with cherries and forest berries:

Wolbeest’ amazing felted teapot cosy!

It was a lovely day and my skein is already on the skein holder to become a Shelly Cloche by Devon Finney:

Yes, a lovely day. The ice cream was delicious! I ate it with such attention that I forgot to take a picture for you. Will have to return and try again.

8 december: prpl!

Glitter Fir Cowl finished!

Can be worn with either side out. Just need to weave in the ends. Earlier this week, Sinterklaas evening to be precise, I was working on it while wearing the cuffs made of the same purple glitter yarn 🙂

Love this colour! Well done, Wool Atelier Het Wolbeest. They are the ones with the ice cream parlour at the front and the yarn at the back. And where I felted sheep bags, both of them.

My Fir Cowl is knit on needles 2,25 mm with fingering weight yarn, using 80 grams in total.

The Wolop Advent box this morning:

Wolop Advent shawl this evening:

Birds in prpl and a little decorative stripe using the lilac leftovers from my Sock Blank. Are these birds? I made up a pattern. They’ll probably look better once blocked.

Purple anti-gobble art object:

cat food bowl helpcat food bowl helpcat food bowl help
“I object to this art.”

Everybody is an art critic…

Weird Wool Wednesday: “bolletje ijs, bolletje wol”

bolletje ijs, bolletje wol. IJssalon Swalmen Wolbeest

bolletje ijs, bolletje wol. IJssalon Swalmen Wolbeest

bolletje ijs, bolletje wol. IJssalon Swalmen Wolbeest

Ice cream shop Da Giovanni in Swalmen, the Netherlands, sells both quality ice cream and quality knitting yarn. A genius combination!

Go on, how many “bolletjes” would you like to have?

“Bolletje” means “little ball” in Dutch and is typically used for yarn, ice cream, bread, a child’s head, a cat’s head and young birds.
Something dear to hold in your hand and coo at:

bolletje ijs, bolletje wol. IJssalon Swalmen Wolbeest
Awww, you’re so pretty… yes you are, you are…

I went to town! (and the Knit&Knot fair)

buit wol Knit en Knot beurs Tilburg

This I bought during the first half of the day. Then it grew really crowded and I sat with my friends at the long tables and knitted and talked and ate my brownie and tried to cast on for my vest:


Then the crowds went home and it grew lovely and quiet and there was time to stand at a booth and talk to the indie dyer and I realized I had missed so much wonderful products the first time I walked around. So this happened:
buit wol Knit en Knot beurs Tilburg

Very happy 🙂