Weird Wool Wednesday: Spot the pineapple.

This mail I just received from my husband:

He mistook my cake of yarn for a pineapple for a few times now and thought it was time to notify me of this.

OK. Message received. You have not been exposed to enough yarn yet. Will remedy.

Also: look at my lamp. It’s wearing my embroidery scissors:
“ananas” for scale

It’s my Anglepoise lamp. This last century marvel of engineering depends on countering the weight of the lamp with some springs at the base. This way you can pull the lamp at least 70 cm away from its base without it toppling over. Mine is a bit off and its springs slowly pull it back up to a standing position. Maybe the springs are new and too stiff for it? More probably: it’s designed for heavier bulbs than the modern ones I use.

Anyway, I had to add some weight to the cap so I took some magnets and now my embroidery scissors live there.
Very convenient this close to my knitting chair. Only I forget they’re there so there’s another pair or scissors in the desk.

And hey, I think Roald Dahl has the same lamp! Here’s a picture of him working in his shed:

Look how comfy he has made himself! A heater, a friendly chair, a make shift desk across his knees, a sleeping bag to keep his legs warm and his feet kept of the ground by whatever was handy yes this old suitcase will do and the dog/cat/grandchild can sit on it when visiting.

And he has a good working light. He doesn’t care for optics, he cares for what works.


Weird Wool Wednesday: bringing a knitter to IKEA

So last Monday my husband pleaded me to come with him to IKEA. He bribed me with the promise of a walk in the forest nearby so I said yes.

At IKEA it turned out we were there for me.

Because I need a table-lamp for my knitting chair. So I won’t turn on the overhead lights every evening. And blind the bat that I married.

I also need a new table to put the TV, with yarn storage underneath. This has nothing to do with all the cables my husband can spot from his tv-chair under our current table:
trip to IKEA
(It sags so much the drawers cannot be opened. Also very old and battered.)

I’m not particularly in need of yarn storage though because I recently bought this to put next to my knitting chair:
But I could do with a lamp, I suppose. The lamps at IKEA were too unpractical though. You can only move the light 30 cm’s from its base.

And the TV-thing, why not? We ended up with Kallax, the pick-and-mix modular cabinet used by knitters worldwide:
trip to IKEA
While we were standing there discussing doors or drawers this lady rides up in her scooter and happens to be talking to her friend about storing wool.

“Storing wool!” I cry out and pull the Twisted Madness sock out of my bird house WIP bag. She doesn’t act surprised, knitters are more common at IKEA then I realize.

She does give a fabulous tip about Kallax storage, the go-to furniture for yarn collectors: “Don’t choose the drawers. They have low sides and a low back and skeins will fall out the back and yam things up. You need more room for your yarn!”
trip to IKEA
Proof. You have more yarn than this drawer can hold.

Thank you, knitter at IKEA!

We choose baskets instead. Fabric baskets with cocos fibre glued to the sides. I spend about 20 minutes rummaging through the stock before I found four with a decent front. Twenty gruelling minutes with my husband standing over the cart, not sighing, not moving, just patiently waiting because he knows when he’s been being punished, even though he got what he wanted.

Then we said hello to the fabric section:
trip to IKEA

We said goodbye to some sad chicken:
trip to IKEA
(that’s my phone cosy)

and we had a walk in nature:
trip to IKEA

Here’s our new tv-thing with yarn baskets:
trip to IKEA
(there’s no yarn in there yet but I’m sure something will appear. Kuch! Harry Potter yarn from Wolop! Or this sparkly sock yarn! Kuch, kuch, hatsjoo! )

And a new table lamp:
pic by Beautiful Waste
Not IKEA but a vintage “architect-lamp” from last century. With a heavy base and a long arm to get the light where you need it, all the way over here.
It’s a Herbert Terry & Sons Anglepoise lamp, model 90, produced in 1973, found online at a second hand store in Friesland. Anglepoise lamps are a British invention and typically have 3 springs in the back. The company still exists and is an iconic British brand now.

For good measure I bought a second architect-lamp, for the table in our front room, where my husbands groans and squints everytime I try to draft a sewing pattern:
pic by Beautiful Waste
You know these lamps, with their cast iron foot where you can keep erasers and short pencils and a lone paperclip. But no elastic bands because the cat will eat them. The springs can make a typical twang! sound. And you can easily stretch them 70 cm or 2 foot from the base to get the light where you need it.

Who knew these kind of staple lamps from our past are now vintage and praised and not made anymore?

Here’s another picture of an era soon to be gone:
trip to IKEA
In a while no one will use iron plugs and bolts with IKEA furniture anymore. They’ve invented some wooden click-and-twist plug.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday morning now. I’m waiting for the lamps to be delivered. My husband is out buying chocolate and crab meat.
After that we’ll go vote and try to knock some sense into this country now that everybody is doing politics as if it’s an online race for fake internet points. Parties without plans! Parties that do not get their numbers verified by our national bureau for statistics! These are not professionals, these are media clowns.

But I guess that’s the new era and it’s up to the old generation X-fossils like myself to find a way to have a wholesome vision for society and explain it to the new generations in a way that they understand. Which is online. Perhaps that’s even a new place for not-so-loud people to practise politics. Based on content and heart, not on show and outrage. Intelligent Introverts Unite!