Weird Wool Wednesday: don’t tell the knitting police.

I don’t wear my Latvian socks┬ábecause of the bulky foot… and this weekend I was looking through the stash to knit some grey legwarmers because the COLD has come to Holland. Soooooo…..

Carefull now:

Nah. Be bold.
“Big steps. Get home fast.” Dutch saying.

Binding off and losing at yarn chicken. Hmpf:
Fiiiixed, by just pulling the thread through. Nobody tell.

Result after 15 minutes of “knitting”:

Should weave in those ends.

I think I will ­čÖé


Green Travelling Stitch Legwarmers for me!

Dutch Karma Swap Group friend Wolhobby knit a pair of legwarmers for me in one of the swaps:

The pattern is Traveling Stitch Legwarmers
by Lisa R. Myers

pattern photo

Made from my own grass green Norwegian yarn:

Gjestal Selbu Husflidgarn is an all wool sportsweight with 200 m to the 100 grams. It’s not very soft but not coarse either.

Wolhobby used about 150 grams, 300 m, on needles 3 mm. (project page here)
She adapted the stitch count a bit to fit around my legs and also added an extra purl stitch to frame the cabeling sections. The rest of the leg was knitted in stockinette stitch.
They are beautiful!

Oof… umpfh!… creak… crackle…. I can’t show you the back properly… and it’s so beautiful… oomph!

Wolhobby knows a better model than me to show these beauties:

pic by Wolhobby

pic by Wolhobby


Isn’t that some top notch knitting? Every cable crossing is correct. It’s totally tailor-made to my measurements. It really is a piece of art!

I’m very happy with them.

Finished: green legwarmers

Last days of Summer and I managed to knit something green, just like I planned to do all along:

on needles 5,5 mm, 219 m, 100 grams of handspun.
I just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. They run over my knee. That’s handy because lately my knees have become cold easily.

From the handspun I spun in my Louet Hatbox, that lovely little spinning wheel.

You wanna know? Do you?

You wanna know how much yarn was left from my legwarmers? Do you?

This much:

What’s that, 70 cm? I’m thinking of using this leftover for wrapping presents for knitters.

What’s that? You wanna know what’s scribbled on the notepad, do you?

It’s a recipe for waffles. Making waffles was on my to-do list today. Some things are worth planning.
But I didn’t follow it.
I made Lumpy Improvised Still Very Good Waffles instead. With cinneamon and apple. And rich cream full fat butter. And organic Jersey milk. It was indeed Very Good!

Not so good: eating little pieces of escaped waffle from the countertop where you’ve just been dying wool. I think I’m green on the inside now…

But back to the picture at the top!
So you noticed that little bit of blue picot knitting and wanna know what that is? You do?

It’s wristwarmers:

The pattern is Fancy Gauntlets and these beauties were knit for me by Kerstballetje. I promised to block them as it would smooth out the knitting even more. But the truth is I’ve been wearing them pretty much all the time and I adore them as they are.

But I’ll go block them as soon as I finish this post, I promise, Kerstballetje! Sorry I showed your work before it was properly finished. But these people, they just really, really wanted to know.

These Gauntlets fit my itty bitty wrists perfect. And then a clever construction to give room to the thumb and my broad hand: a gusset

Knitted in Wollmeise Hortensie. Lovely blue, lovely pattern! And knitted with much love, by Kerstballetje.

Did some knitting! finished legwarmers

I knitted yesterday. 40 minutes here. 30 minutes there.
Today I have legwarmers!
projectpage here

I had so much fun spinning this yarn.
It knits up more yellow and muted than I thought. A lot of the bright orange, greens and pink have melted into greys. But that’s ok. I love them, I’ve been wearing them all day today.

on needles 5,5 mm and with only2 m of yarn left.
I redid them and put in more wearing ease.
Now just tread a little bit of elastic through the top.

Spring legwarmers and colourfull socks

Here’s how that happy skein of Spring that I spun is knitting up.

Two legwarmers at a time, so that increases are on the same row. I’m knitting flat because with few stitches (say less than 50) I get tired of working magic loop. Just when you’re into the groove you have to stop and pull through the cable “ear”.

For the photo I pinned them together (with yellow glass bead pins) bottom to bottom so they would lie flat.

A close up of how this 2ply knits up. Usually you end up with a needle size which causes each stitch to have one colour dominating. But here I had to go up up up in needle sizes and now each stitch shows two colours. It’s one of those things a spinner can take into consideration when choosing weight and twist. This spinner did not, this spinner was just spinning colours.

I’m messing about with gauge again, forgetting that I tend to knit tighter in the round. That’s why this third attempt is flat.
In between I forgot that I tend to asses my gauge swatches very optimistic…

Here’s another example of knitting with two colours and looking at which colour ands up in the stitch.
My purple hiking socks are knit with two sockyarns held together. I typically like 50 gram balls for this, one solid and one selfstriping.

The combination of yarn weight and needle size makes each stitch have one dominating colour. The fact that the two yarns are not twined adds to this.

For example in the yellow stripe you see either yellow or purple stitches. Barely a few have both.

I love these kind of socks. Both knitting them and wearing them. I’ve got them in a myriad of colours:

I like it when my socks have accented toes and heels.

But I could do with a few more colours, don’t you agree?
Yes, indeed.
Yellow. Green. Skyblue. Burgundy. Nightblue. Fuchsia.
I need them all.
I should go buy little balls of variegating sock yarn.
Yes I should. To celebrate Spring.

These socks only have a cast on of 36 stitches! (increase to 40 after the ribbing). On needles 3mm. Knit a sock in a (long) day!

They do require knitting in the round though…
And there’s still the delicate issue of my shoulder not wanting to knit stockinette stitch.
And none of the pairs above are worn out so I don’t really need new ones. Even though I wear them out on the porch and in my clogs and around the house. Drops Fabel really wears well. And you can toss them in the washer without a problem.
Oh, how I’d love a Spring green pair!

hmmm, Guacemole!

Fabel print colour 151 with solid 112.

or something with 111 Mustard!

Yum! Yum!

I’ve got yarn, I’ve got yarn, I’ve got yarn!

My wool room, let me show it:

There’s yarn there. Sock yarn. Solid and variegated.
More yarn then I can hope to knit for years to come!

Only they don’t match so nice, colour wise…. so I should buy yarn yeah? After all, it’s only one little ball of 50 grams. Or two if I can’t find something that matches what I have already.