10 years of Dutch sock knitters group on Ravelry

10 years ago Ravelry was young and Beta. Moonwise, a Dutch knitter started a Dutch speaking group for sock knitters.

Nowadays Ravelry is a force to be reckoned with, world wide, and the Dutch Sock Knitters Group has over 1200 members and hosts KALs every month.

To celebrate the founder Moonwise, who is a real good sock pattern designer, designed a sock pattern that’s free:

“Wish” by Janneke Maat. It’s in Dutch, well written and features a lot of cables. It’s a birthday present for all the members.

For people who cannot or will not knit cables there are other themes to participate in this month such as mock cables and/or using your most precious sock yarn. All to celebrate Soktober Tien Fest.

I can’t knit these many tiny cables but I love mock cables. The group has a bundle with mock cabled sock patterns and they are not all koffieboontje-stitch:

I may put a mock cabled sock on the needles… I love koffieboontje and I love mock cables. You hear me waffle on about Prickly Pear Socks at least once a year!
the Prickly Pear Socks by Thayer Preece:

The group also rewards prices to people who finish their sock within two months. And whaddayaknow, these month’s sponsors are two of my favourite artists: Wolop and FiberRachel!
 Wolop Etsy   FiberRachel Etsy
Wolop will donate a skein of handdyed festive sock yarn and FiberRachel one of her birdhouse WIP bags:

Where was I 10 years ago? I didn’t even knit back then. I wasn’t ill yet. I was in Norway, building a sea kayak out of 2 by 4’s, canvas and beewaxed hemp:

using special sewing stitches to insure water tightness:

Made under guidance from Kayak Specialist in Norway Anders Thygesen.
I’ve never even taken it out to sea… I got ill and couldn’t go outside anymore and inside I got too sad to think of anything Norway related. Then this Summer I found out the canvas is rotting…
I think it is time to put away the last 10 years. Just shelve it. Ignore bad memories. They are of no use since I cannot learn from them anymore.

Live in the here and now, enjoy the sunshine on this beautiful Sunday morning. Bask in what blessings and fun there are here, now.
Such as a sock fest on Ravelry.
And this picture of an ambitious cat:

that I used to make a drawing for another month fest: Inktober 2017. (draw every day, using ink)

Also today I will be sewing on a new dress. It features gnomes in Volkswagen vans!
gnome dress volkswagen van
As it reads on my About Page:
“My name is Anna. I think wool and funny dresses make life better.”


Happily knitting a blue sock.

You know I don’t like to knit with blue yarn.
But I make an exception for the hand dyed indigo yarn from Wolop. This is great to knit with!

I’ve already finished one sock.

The pattern is a pattern with leaves that I’ve used for plant dyed yarns from Wolop before and I LOVE those socks. They remain beautiful and wear so well.

Woad and Red onion:

The pattern used to be Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden but there’s an error in the charts and I’ve changed the mock cable and the heel and other things. Also this time I’m knitting it top down.

The back:

The toe:

(I still cannot kitchener toes without them getting pointy edges. Don’t know the solution. Do you? I tried pulling the yarn through the last three stitches but that didn’t work.)

This is where I am now, about to turn the heel on the second sock:

There’s an extra incentive to knit with blue: this yarn is wound into a Magic Ball!

As I knit little presents fall out:

As part of a swap Lieneke filled it with little gifts that are are freed when I knit up the yarn. This was freed already:


Now that makes me knit with blue yarn!

This is still waiting for me:

Poke poke to get a peek peek:

Hmm. Suspicious shape… I know this shape…

Could this be…. a snow man?…. as a cookie cutter?

What do you think, Lillepoes?


Yes, definitely a cookie cutter. Knit on and make me some salmon flavoured cookies!

Knit on, human!

Finished: Miyuki Frog Bead Socks

I used 70 grams, 294 meters on needles 2,25 mm. Beads are Miyuki Picasso beads, size 6/0. They have a lovely mottled look, up close, which compliments the yarn. And frogs.

The pattern is Charade by Sandra Park, slightly modified. Again with mock cables which I love. Herring rib? yes please!

Such a gorgeous colour these socks are. These ones will definitely be worn in the city, with my new wardrobe that’s in progress.

I’m still at the cabin and all the little frog spawn from Spring has left the two ponds in the woods behind the cabin. I see both toads and frogs work their way towards the front of the cabin, where there’s more open wetland.

They hop along the path that’s next to the window where I usually sit. Whenever I’m out front and walk through the grass I see them scurrying for safety. They are such courageous little creatures.

I should like to wear a little salute to them, when I’m back in the city.

Wearing wool vacation socks

Back in 2011 I dyed this yarn:

It’s a skein of Trekking sock yarn and I used it to mop up all the left over dyes on a dye-workshop-weekend we were having on one of the Dutch Wadden isles. The skein was well wrung out prior to mopping and the dryness caused the small flecks of colour.

Recently I was granted a Karma wish and I wished for Anneke to use this skein and knit socks for me:

I love them! They fit so fine and the colour knitted up great, with all the little splashes of colour.
Anneke is someone who knits as tight as I do and that’s a big pre in socks since it enhances wearability and shape. And they hug my feet, which I prefer.

I love wearing them and since I didn’t have to knit a stitch myself I know of no mistakes or coulda-woulda-shoulda-doubts of these socks. Carefree wearing!

Very happy wearing too, these colours lift my spirits. The yarn always did, from the moment it came out of the dyepot, and now I have these friendly happy socks. I’m glad to finally use the yarn that has been waiting in my stash for so long, always to be passed over because some other yarn caught my fancy or because I couldn’t knit for a while.

All those years ago, at the same dyeing workshop, I dyed another sock yarn and tried to play with the colours. This one was wound into segments here at the cabin, before travelling to the isle, so that I would get some sort of broad stripes:

In 2012 I knitted these purple socks from it, back when the blog was barely a month old:
Ah, it’s the Prickly Pear Socks pattern by Thayer Preece Parker, with a mock cable that I like so much.

Back then I was very principally against using superwash yarn because it’s such a nasty chemical proces to burn off the scales of each fibre so it won’t felt in the washing machine. Lots of waste. The same goes for the production of bamboo yarns and seacell yarns. Awful polluting stuff.
So these socks are made with Schoppenwolle non-superwash yarn.

And of course earlier this year someone put them in the washing machine on 40 degrees and they felted into unrecognizable prickly pear jam tubes.
So I got my scissors and made the legs of the socks into wristwarmers:

Here, in the cabin, I enjoy practical knits with rustic looks and frankly I don’t care how I look as long as I’m warm, comfortable and covered in colours that make me happy.

Midwinter Sock

At the fair I bought glittery sock yarn from Het Wolbeest:

420 m of well plied, round yarn.

I started winding by hand right then and there:

Our neighbour from Wolinhuis spotted me and handed me a skeinwinder and a container to keep the half ball in:

(We were standing on this plastic, it had cardboard boxes underneath, to keep our boots from the cold sand of the horse paddock)

much better idea, a yarn cake will knit up more comfortably:

cast on at the fair: a figure 8 cast on and knitting all stitches twisted in the first round. I cast on 2 x 14 stitches:

I got a little bit of knitting done that Saturday.

And a little bit of knitting at a rest stop on our way home on Sunday:

A little bit of knitting at Wolop’s house, before I travelled on to my own:

First I needed to free it from the WIPbag though:

sparkly sparkly!
I’m using the free pattern Sokbasis from Janneke Maat , a well edited pattern in Dutch detailing toe up socks.

At home:

Two days of resting and knitting et voilá!

One sock done!

The cuff is from sock pattern Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden:

This paid for pattern was released in online magazine Twist Collective in 2009. I only bought it yesterday and I was very annoyed to find that the pattern did not have the errata incorporated into it, after all this time and still at full price.

As a result I knitted the cuff wrong, the lower leafs are not leafs but diamonds.
It’s mentioned on the pattern page on Ravelry that there are errata but it’s a rather inconspicuous remark and I’d think it a small effort to amend the chart in the pattern somewhere in the past 6 years.

I love the pattern though, with its leaves and its mock cable. That’s my favourite mock cable, the “koffieboontje” I think!

The sock is festive, with all the colours and the sparkle. It’s also more green overall than the picture shows. I love the glitter and how round the yarn is! Casting on for the second sock now.