Tour de Fleece day 20: ice colours

I plied the turqoise mulberry:

and then I spun hours and hours of ice colours of these Passe-Partout Winter whisper mist colours:

Merino with mulberry silk. Got it at the Knitter’s party with chickens last Summer.¬†There’ll be a new party again this year! Looking forward to it.

This roving is so beautiful, with true Mulberry silk, it gleams and glistens in the light. It’s like spinning spider’s silk, from a happy spider.

It contained the colour of my new skirt (sewn by me, finished this morning, a light Summer linen with a silk chiffon lining):

We were spinning at the new studio of Wolop and I bought this beautiful soft ice blue BFL from her:

to go with the grey sheep I spun earlier this Tour that needs an additional colour to make a vest for me.

And I bought this green sock mix:

as an alternative for the blue Leicester above, as a companion for the vest. I’ve had my eye on this green one since the Midwinterwol Fair but Lieneke from Wolop knew to keep it from me because it contains mohair and I didn’t enjoy spinning mohair the first time I tried it.

Today I bought it because the colours keep making me happy. If the mohair still proves to be tricky I could chose to just ply the two other breeds and leave the mohair out of it. The mohair has a beautiful colour and gleam though!

I’m looking forward to what I will make with today’s yarns and rovings. They fit my palet wonderfully.

With the skirt I made I now have a workable basic pattern. Tomorrow I’ll cut the first real skirt from it, using one of the linens I bought in the right colours:


Waking up the turtles.

Yesterday I woke up the handspun turtles and made them into a plying “ball”. That’s when you prewind the two (or three) threads you want to ply unto a nostepinne.
It makes plying much easier then trying to ply directly from loose turtles that will bounce around and divert your attention, as I once discovered:

Plying from the plying ball went easy:

Poor woman’s nostepinne: carton roll from kitchen towels.

Yes, I’m wearing my bright red Deer Bleuet Dress. And my handspun green legwarmers.

During the winding onto the nostepinne one turtle would run out of yarn sooner than the other. But it’s easy to attach the new yarn to the ply:

Now I have 177,5 m of lovely purple lace. In 100% silk. The mulberry kind, my favourite.

Later today we’re travelling back to the city. I’m bringing wool!

Blue Art Deco Cardi is coming. Wollmeise is coming. Green spinning fluff is coming.
The little turkish spindle is coming too, in it’s own darling tin. With some more Mulberry silk. Doesn’t this speak of early Spring?

spinning (in the) sushine

I’m a spindle snob: I only want to spin silk. And only Bombyx or Mulberry silk at that. Not Tussah (both are silk but the tussah has often shorter fibres and a different gleam) has a beautiful article about silk and it’s origine here.

I’ve just sat outside, finishing spinning this gold in the sunshine today:

Of course there were cat comments:

oh-oh, she’s coming over to take care of business…

up close there was not much appreciation for my efforts.

Perhaps because by now my spindle was so full that I has started just piling it on, not winding it up in the neat pattern.

So not impressed. I’m doing all kinds of things wrong.

In the end I changed a few things around and this is the last of the golden mulberry silk finished:

I have another one of these “balls”, they’re called “turtles” I think. Next I will ply them together.
But first…

Ahh, basking in the sunshine. (the garden cushions are good too. She had to complain a lot before I finally understood. I’m so dense.)