Turtles having the last laugh

I put the skein of gold spindlespun silk through the spinning wheel, to add a bit more twist. Here you see at the top the original yarn and at the bottom the one with added twist. My fingers keep the twist from travelling into the top part.

I hope you can see it, it’s not easy making the iPad focus when you hold it with one hand and hold thread with the other. (I used my nose to tell it where to focus.)(I had a hard time convincing it that the radiator isn’t nearly as interesting as string)

But it worked. The extra twist now makes this yarn more like stringed pearls. Just the way I like it. It will wear well, pill less and withstand extreme blocking.
Great for a lace shawl!

However, putting in the extra twist didn’t go without trouble…

The skein was on my skeinwinder, on top of my Louet, and it got caught in the hooks of the flyer and then it went “Wieeeeew!” wrssswfrrrtblb!

Of course I couldn’t let go of the yarn (on the left, outside of frame) to stop it quickly. Then I had to keep hold of the twist while untangling all this. Which took quite a bit. (and this wasn’t the first time either but I didn’t take a picture the first time because, you know, these things happen)

Then 5 minutes later…. it happened again:

Those blasted turtles fighting me for the very last meter!
They sure got the last laugh.

How come I never see these kind of things on other blogs?

Well, since sealife mocks my spinning, I might as well end this post with a seal that hiccups.

Please know that when I laugh too much I get hiccups.
This seal makes me laugh.
Too much.