Finished: WolMetVerve Blattwerk Socks.

Pattern Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden. Modified.
Yarn: Wol met Verve Super Sock Merino. I used 80 grams in the end.

I finished the first cuff a second time.
Then I went back to the toes, took them off, and reknitted them in the Wol met Verve yarn:

I picked up all the stitches in the last row of the right yarn. Then I snipped through every stitch of the wrong yarn to release the toe. I didn’t want to spend time unpicking every stitch and saving 30 cm of yarn. The snipping and grabbing the little pieces of yarn was cathartic ūüėČ

With these sock I somehow forgot how to “heel”. They’re not the same, left and right. The left one had to get a couple of more shortrows at the very end before I could start the leg pattern (which later turned out I positioned wrongly).

The right one had to get a whole other shortrow heel worked into it because I hadn’t round the corner enough at all. A few short rows weren’t going to solve it. I unvented a tomato wedged heel, I think. Nobody’s impressed, especially not Lillepoes who has such funny toes herself. Like she dipped them in whipped cream:

On the left one you see “the hack” I implemented when I ripped out the leg because I had knitted it over 60 st instead of 70. When I ripped back to 70 st I just started knitting again, not decreasing the gusset any more, and I knitted the rhythm of the faux rib where it should be, not where I had started it after the heel.

It changes halfway, the faux rib goes into being a one K stitch column and the previous 1 st K column transforms in a 3 st faux rib.
This is how I ended up with the appropriate number of leafs on the cuff: 7 instead of 6.

Another pair of fine socks!
In quality yarn, in a good colour for this Summer and done with stitches that do not bother my rsi. Yay!
Also: I shouldn’t worry that I haven’t got enough yarn for a pair of wrist cuffs AND socks. There’s still 11 grams of the yarn left.

Which means I can cast on for another pair of fine socks with that other quality yarn that I used to knit cuffs with, the purple grey glitter I got from Wolbeest at that funny fair Wolspektakel Kerkrade:

Toe up. Just to make sure. And to practise more “heel”. Oh well, as long as I end up with a wearable item I don’t care if it’s construction is unconventional or made up as I go along. Knitting is flexible.


Socks in Progress

I’ve spend the last two days in bed¬†and had plenty of time to knit on the socks:

One sock is finished and the other is nearing the cuff detail.

The first sock had a figure 8 cast on of 2 times 14. Increasings were made every third round, +4 per incr. round. This made the toe too pointy for me:

For the second sock I did a cast on of 2 times 18 and increased 4 stitches every other round until I reached 2 times 31 stitches:


My sock doesn’t fit

I finished the first plant dyed Blattwerk sock:

I adjusted the pattern to accomodate my high instep. I topped the leafs with a double decrease. And changed all the twisted stitches into regular ones to please my shoulder impingement. I did twist them on the cuff though, to make it different from the leg:

And then:

it didn’t fit.

The leg is too tight for my heel to pass.

I don’t understand. I had the yellow socks with me all the time, studying them¬†and copying that.
Why won’t the leg fit?

It’s because I knitted it over 60 stitches. Like I do all my legs of all my socks.

I know this leg is patterned and this usually affects the stitch number. But I assumed that the faux rib would be a bit stretchy just like the faux rib called “koffieboontje” is but it isn’t. It actually doesn’t stretch at all. On top of that I thought the combination of knits and purls would give more give so I wasn’t worried at all. Just focusing on getting the leafs beautiful and carefully knitting all those twisted stitches in the cuff.

Mind you, the pattern does specify to knit the leg over 70 st. But because I had made modifications and knew the pattern by heart and had my example socks I didn’t reread the pattern.

As usual I fitted my sock many times during the knitting, right to the top of the heel flap. From then it was a home stretch, I thought. I have skinny ankles, I can get away with a leg and cuff of 54 st. 60 will be good.

Well, it isn’t.¬†I’m ripping¬†everything out and wil restart¬†from the top of the heel flap and use 70 stitches. This yarn and these socks are too beautiful not to be made into a pair of fitting socks.

The colour, when I knit with it it’s a true grey but from the corner of your eye it’s a purple grey. And under artificial light it’s purple grey for sure, as all the photo’s show.

Plant dyed yarn is a marvel.


Knitting on the sock right now. We drove to the cabin earlier today, me and Lillepoes.

One of us was protesting all the way here:

And now she refuses to come outside even though she absolutely loves it here.

She’s beaming and meowing to me through the glass door:

Cats are weird. I better go in and pet her.

Finished: socks and Winter

I finished my socks this afternoon, on our way to the cabin, and when we arrived here so had the first day of Spring!

I used 64 grams and with the rest I’m going to make some stranded wristwarmers, together with a white sock yarn. Just like my Fair Isle winter¬†cuffs.

Sitting outside for the first time, with tea and cat. All the birds are singing. Butterflies that hibernated are out. It’s a lovely end of the week.

UPDATE 2  hours later:

Cat stole my chair. Last year habits are picked up with such ease.


But look how happy she is! ūüôā

(ear mufflers because it’s Commuter o’Clock now)



finished: second pair of SlipStripeSpiral socks

(I’m keeping the Ranunculus flowers as long as possible, in various vases depending on their vitality. So beautiful. Delicate flowers, faceted cut glass and chocolate bonbons, those are my city dwelling luxuries)

The socks did knit up kinda similar:

Here’s the first pair again:

It took exactly 50 grams of the green Meilenweit. 70 grams of the purple Opal and about 20 grams of the solid blue Trekking.

The deadline for this pattern is tonight, 12 o’clock USA time.
Then, in about five days, the new round will start. It will again have two weeks competition time but I’ll need to knit faster because¬†I’ll be competing with other people for a limited number of places.

If the new pattern is as entertaining qua techniques and colours as this SlipStripeSpiral pattern I’ll probably knit this fast again. I mean, I¬†knit this two pair in exactly two weeks, that’s so fast!

If the new pattern has cables or twisted stitches I’ll have to pace myself very much, in order to relief my shoulder. I plan to set myself a fixed number of rounds each day. Just thought of it, while writing this paragraph. Good plan.

As far as this pattern goes, I’m going to knit it again. With only 1,5 heelwedges and a small gusset for my high instep (increase 4 stitches on each side). Knitting the heel over 40 stitches. Less ribbing on the cuff, I detest knitting rib.

It’s such a great pattern for a self striping yarn in combination with a solid one. Especially ugly self striping yarn gets a magical make over in this pattern.

Some of the luxuries in my living room:
No bonbons though. Not for unscheduled photos. Unsurprisingly.

Finished: midwintersokken

Knit on needles 2 mm. Pattern Moonwise’ SokBasis¬†(Dutch) with lace cuff from Blattwerk.

77 grams of yarn used, yarn handdyed by Het Wolbeest, it’s “glittersok”, it has sparkly stellina in it.

Today I’m wearing my festive sparkly wetfelted princess dress¬†even though I’m not leaving the house today. Just for me, since I’m not having the best of days.

We just saw a king fisher bird in the canal in front of the house. I had seen one once before, just a flash of blue. Now it was sitting on the dock and we got to watch it with our binoculars through one of the upper windows for a full 5 minutes. Marvellous colours. I hope to feel better soon and properly enjoy the memory of that experience.

For now I’m going to make myself a¬†cup of tea and spin that sparkly BFL Silk.


Midwinter Sock

At the fair I bought glittery sock yarn from Het Wolbeest:

420 m of well plied, round yarn.

I started winding by hand right then and there:

Our neighbour from Wolinhuis spotted me and handed me a skeinwinder and a container to keep the half ball in:

(We were standing on this plastic, it had cardboard boxes underneath, to keep our boots from the cold sand of the horse paddock)

much better idea, a yarn cake will knit up more comfortably:

cast on at the fair: a figure 8 cast on and knitting all stitches twisted in the first round. I cast on 2 x 14 stitches:

I got a little bit of knitting done that Saturday.

And a little bit of knitting at a rest stop on our way home on Sunday:

A little bit of knitting at Wolop’s house, before I travelled on to my own:

First I needed to free it from the WIPbag though:

sparkly sparkly!
I’m using the free pattern Sokbasis from Janneke Maat , a well edited pattern in Dutch detailing toe up socks.

At home:

Two days of resting and knitting et voil√°!

One sock done!

The cuff is from sock pattern Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden:

This paid for pattern was released in online magazine Twist Collective in 2009. I only bought it yesterday and I was very annoyed to find that the pattern did not have the errata incorporated into it, after all this time and still at full price.

As a result I knitted the cuff wrong, the lower leafs are not leafs but diamonds.
It’s mentioned on the pattern page on Ravelry that there are errata but it’s a rather inconspicuous remark and I’d think it a small effort to amend the chart in the pattern somewhere in the past 6 years.

I love the pattern though, with its leaves and its mock cable. That’s my favourite mock cable, the “koffieboontje” I think!

The sock is festive, with all the colours and the sparkle. It’s also more green overall than the picture shows. I love the glitter and how round the yarn is! Casting on for the second sock now.

Bright socks parked till x-mas

The handspun socks that I wanted to wear next weekend were getting way too roomy:

A good 16 stitches too many on a total of 59 stitches.

I hadn’t decreased after I finished the heel, thinking it’d be all right because I have a high instep that actually needed more stitches than I had.
But it’s too tight at the front and too loose at the back.
Knitting is so 3D, y’all.

This had to go. On both socks. (And look how stretched the fabric is over my instep, ouch)

After the mandatory grumpy time I frogged them both and picked up stitches at the row that combines blue and red. I was not prepared to reknit the heel.
In the red I increased another 5 stitches immediately. In the back I decreased 5 stitches twice. 54 stitches total.

I started knitting again, checking for fit regularly, and this time it sits pleasant around my ankle and my instep has a little more room.
I knitted fast, to try and finish them before next weekend. But I also want to use¬†up all the yarn and there’s still a lot of¬†fuchsia, then purple and then blue. These socks will be reaching for my knees!
Then I got distracted by the arrival of the kitten.

Now Pip’s here and things are busy and I want all other areas of my life to be tranquil. This goes double for¬†the colours I’m resting my eyes upon for hours each day.

So I enjoy looking outside, to the garden with the see-through to the meadow. There’s the mist on the grass. Butterflies and cows in the distance. The beautiful moonlight this week.

That’s why I love spinning the greenish white batts for a handspun vest at the moment, if Pip allows me some spinning time. As well as the gleaming silk-mix from Passe-Partout (which I haven’t touched since last time I showed you).

I want to be submerged in whites and greys and soft touches of colours, like this gorgeous photograph by Brooke Ryan:

 pic by Brooke Ryan

Any one of these colours! Any one of the greys, the cool greens, the lilac-whites. Or any combination of them!
Oh, how I love to do a bit of colour work again. I think my shoulder’s up to it… love to find out ūüėČ

These bright colours I rather knit in the dark days in December:

So I’m putting these away until then. I have a special tin that comes out in December. It has candles and paper napkins and glass ornaments and nice yarn. Through the year I fill it with things that give a knitter a hug in the dark days of December.
Here it is in 2011, the first year I started this:

I’ll put the socks in there. In a nice WIP bag.
Perhaps add some nice fabric to make my own bag. And some nice buttons? I never take the time to use my nice buttons for myself. Yes, I think I’ll sneak in some fabric and my favourite buttons. I’ll make it a little ready-to-start package: fabric, thread, buttons, embroidery needles (you never know, I feel like embroidering) and sneak it in. (I don’t open the tin and look what’s already inside, I like to be surprised in the holidays.)
That’s how I make sure my x-mas time is always good.


got food?

We were at the vet yesterday, for vaccination, and he explained that a well fed kitten poos twice a day. If he goes three times he’s getting too much food. Good to know.

I’ll be counting your #2’s to 2, mister!

Finished: DWD handspun socks

Last year I won a prize in the Tour de Fleece:

A wonderful mix for socks, handdyed by Dutch Wool Diva
42% Wool – Corriedale
42% bfl
15% Manufactured Fibers – Nylon

All fibres are blended together. I spun it into a 3 ply in August 2014, sitting outside. Explaining how you can lace up a vintage Louet (like an S10) to spin really thin.

320 m sockyarn:

A nice round yarn. Soft, well plied. I’m happy with the spinning, it turned out just as I wanted.

September 2014 came around and I started Water Cycle socks straight away, a pattern by Tami Sheiffer. Today I cast off:

There are patterns for waves, vapour and raindrops in the socks.
I’ve put these into hibernation in October, when all I had to do was think up a cuff that represents clouds. I also wanted to knit them until I ran out of yarn, making the socks knee high.
These two ambitions were enough to make me fold when I ran out of steam and had only willpower to go on.
I was also pained by my shoulder which has come a long way now that I keep a better posture and a looser gauge.

Today I picked them up again and didn’t remember the ambitions. I wanted the needle they’re on. And I wanted to wear these socks.
So I put in the border I like so much:
1) *p3, k1*
2) *p3, sl1*
and bind off.

used 240 m on needles 2,5 mm. Toe up.

Look how nice the border fits the pattern: