Weird Wool Wednesday: overdyeing a vest

Overdyeing those socks made me feel good! I’m good at dyeing! I’m the bestest!

So let me just go ahead and overdye that handspun vest!
From rust orange to dark steel blue:

It’s really difficult to dye an existing fabric consistently.

Those dark spots are not shadows, they are stains of darker dye.

(don’t know what to do with it yet. Overdye with an aggressive commercial dye? The vest cannot be put through the washer like is custom for those dye jobs.)

Weird Wool Wednesday: Expecto better from myself.

You know that I don’t like stripes much.
Neither knitting nor wearing them.

Ravenclaw logo
Stripes with precise measure
are a knitter’s great treasure.

I recently found out I’m sorted into Ravenclaw house at Hogwarts. It’s for smart, witty people who love to learn. I celebrated by buying some beautiful Harry Potter self striping yarn from Wolop:

And I’m reading Harry Potter in Frisian, which anyone with a knack for Old English can read a bit:

Understandably I cast on for nicely striped socks and was enjoying knitting stripes.

Until I found out my stripes were too tight:


Enchanted by Ravenclaw stripes I started a marvelous hat. My own design: one part with these stripes, another part with smaller stripes and two wedges of cabled semi solid grey in between. It was going to be so precise and nice! Witty and smart too.

But yesterday I saw my stripes were uneven because when you knit to and fro your stitch count needs to be just right for the selfstriping yarn:

One stripe is 3 rows high at one end and 5 on the other. This does not do the yarn justice. Nor the pattern I was thinking up.

Aww, there goes my beautiful idea for a striped hat ­čśŽ

(Rowena Ravenclaw’s chocolate frog card)

Today is Wednesday, Weird Wool Wednesday. I don’t like stripes. I don’t care for turquoise. I don’t like knitting with blue. I do like grey. I have a lot of WIPs on the needles. I should be spinning.

This is what I’m knitting today:

A new Ravenclaw sock. On bigger needles, with more stitches.

You kn├│w this one will be too big…
Because besides Ravenclaw I’m also a persistent Goldilocks:

Please come and save me from myself. I’m not smart at all. I don’t belong in Ravenclaw. Ravelclaw more like…

Weird Wool Wednesday: the faithful travel project

This bag has been traveling with me everywhere the past few weeks:
travel knitting project WIP bag
It’s a WIP bag from Spinspul. Handwoven bottom with a nice fabric top. Zipper. Bigger than usual. Lined too.

What’s in it?
travel knitting project WIP bagtravel knitting project WIP bag
travel knitting project WIP bag
Ah yes, the Old Town cardigan. A new back panel set up. All ready to go. Decrease every 12th row. Just open bag and knit.

It’s been patiently waiting for me to knit on it for weeks… living in the bag. It’s a good thing that I the bring the bag everywhere. When next there’s a chance to knit it will be with me. I’m not drawing any conclusions form the fact I haven’t knit on it for a long time. “Results from the past are no guarantee for the future.”

Better get back in the bag. Better be ready.
travel knitting project WIP bagtravel knitting project WIP bag

Weird Wool Wednesday: a racoon in a balloon

racoon in a balloon

I’m only knitting a few rows every evening but I have started to make a little drawing every morning right before work.

Drawing is a passion of mine but I never do it because I’m too critical of my style.
Then yesterday a friend (Hi Meilindis!) redefined my sloppy brush style as “expressive”.
That’s just the right word to keep my inner critic at bay and make another spontaneous drawing tomorrow morning.

Weird Wool Wednesday: a frog with a silver lining.

I thought I got away with nothing weird in my knitting this week. But tonight I must admit that the shaping on this back looks really awful:

It’s like I’m hiding three little frogs under there!

These are reeeeeally long rows, top down, seamless. In fingering weight.

Front looks alright. The yarn is nice and soft against my neck.

It’s my New Old Town cardigan in my handdyed yarn. I’ve been knitting on it for days now, enhancing the pattern with some back shaping to suit the small of my back. That’s where the owl marker was used! But I guess I’ve started too late and have decreased too much in too few rows. It sags horribly.

It’ll have to be frogged to just a few centimeters below that copper centre back marker. Where I still have breasts to cover on the front, which is why I postponed all decreases until I had knit past them. I now think I will insert some gradual back decreases high up but no side seam decreases yet…

Hmpf! I was enjoying the mindless rows of stockinette stitch because we’re dealing with tropical heat in this little frog of a country and I’m also writing new reports for the courts and we have painters in and around the house.
My days are packed and stressful, I need my mindless knitting at night!

Well, the half full kind of person would say I now get to do even more of that soothing mindless knitting …
He looks so not impressedpic by Colin Campbell

Weird Wool Wednesday: mushroom spaghetti

The middle of the steek -and the steek itself- was off by 10 stitches. Right panel had 40 stitches, let panel 30. That’s too much of a difference to fudge.

So I ripped the steek and some neighbouring stitches and will be trying to build it up again, including the decreases. As soon as I find two hours of patience and concentration to do so.