Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting has my back and then some.

So I’ve been knitting on my February Sun on Snow pullover, to celebrate the crisp light of this time of the year. The pattern is crazy stripes tee¬†by Alfa Knits, a top down pattern. I’ve been increasing for the fronts, back and sleeve like forever because it’s knit in fingering weight on needles 2,25 mm. Rows are currently 430 stitches and rising.

I have another 28 rows to go before the stitch count of the front matches that of the back and I can close the front and start the colour stripes. I need the length too, the yoke is nowhere near long enough to close for the sleeves yet.

Just for funsies I put it on a spare needle and compared it to a comfortable wide fitting shirt:

Aargh! Way too wide! Checking the pattern: I should have 270 stitches plus some for my altered gauge. Probably around 320.


I’m not ripping back. Not with 400+ stitches in each row.

I found this out late yesterday evening and I’ve had a sleep on it and asked some people for advice. If I knit on but stop increasing in the back I will get an awkward vertical part in the armhole.

So I’m thinking to stop increases at the marker points but spread them more evenly, like a round yoke. Just abandon those neat lines. Knit on for the length, increasing at the fronts and sleeves, but at variable places. Then when it’s time to separate for the sleeves just redistribute the stitches.

Or will that be weird? Will I end up with a line on my sleeves? Knitting stretches, right?

I’ll take the rest of the day to think about this. I still have another project to knit on in the mean time:

Curse all this Goldilocks knitting.


Weird Wool Wednesday: fancy shoes

The other day I decided to wear something more fancy than my sneakers and I dug up a pair of nice shoes from the closet:

All leather, rubber sole, comfortable heel. A bit of a Harry Potter feel.

Only problem is: these shoes are my size.

Hence no room for handknit socks.

I had to wear commercial, thin socks.

Cold feet all day.

But look fancy:


Weird Wool Wednesday: Cat yarn inspections

Last weekend I brought the Wolbeest tortie cat yarn to Suus, the tortie cat from Spectre120, for approval:

She’s such an adorable, sweet cat! She likes the tortoise cat yarn.

Of course Boef, their young marmelade cat, needed to be involved too:

This is right before he claimed the yarn and tried to take it from me.

Boef, meaning “little rascal” is a young male cat. He’s about six months old, soft as kittens and such a mild mannered, well behaved youngster:

Or is he??

Here I want to photograph tortie cat yarn and Cat Ear Bag with Suus and her cat fabric cushion:

Young timid Boef just happens to be walking over…

Lalala, just an innocent coincidinky:

Oh, fancy seeing you here.

Let’s “shake hands” old girl!

Suus stands her ground.
Boef saves face by pretending to have never seen a felted fleece before.
All ends in much disapproving of today’s youth:

A bit later Boef is on time out in his room -he has a room of his own!- and Suus gets some peace and quiet on her nice pillow. Her tail is still a bit bushy and is softly tapping.

Boop! from Boef:

Weird Wool Wednesday: knitter cat lady lap

This my lap today:

That hat is coming along great! I don’t understand the magic shaping that’s involved but the pattern is so well written and the self striping yarn looks great:

It’s hat Langfield¬†by Martina Behm and yarn¬†Het Wolbeest January Cat Sock Month¬†colourway Otto and Floki’s Collar. I’m having a blast! Great pattern, great yarn, great company:

sorry your highness.

Weird Wool Wednesday: 5 years to make a WIP bag and still the cat acts up.

In the Summer you saw me embroidering a cat onto the bag that I had been sewing for a while now. Featuring an owl kitchen towel I bought in Dublin on my last real vacation, back in 2013:

Since the Summer I’ve started sewing lessons and my teacher can fix anything and she taught me how to make the handles and the strip and rescue this bag. She also has a fancy machine and I did this with it:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
Fancy stitching to fasten the strip to the bag, exactly in the middle, and a big button hole. It’s my first button hole ever and it’s the biggest the machine can make:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
Yay me for not ripping through the stitching when I opened it up!

Now I can finally use my fanciest button, also from the same trip to Dublin, that I’ve been petting for five years now. It’s a ceramic handpainted and handmade button by Maria.quinn (facebookpage). Bought in a sweet yarn shop in the centre of Dublin, with a caf√© right outside where I had very good porridge. Such a nice memory.

The button will be perfect on a cat lady bag filled with good memories of nice people and lovely moments.
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button

Sewing it on I used two Miyuki beads for eyes, because otherwise it would be weird, having a horizontal stripe of thread running from one eye socket of the cat to the other. It though myself very clever of finding this solution and I even used green beads with dark purple centres. Very catlike!
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
I’m so chuffed. Finally FINALLY this WIP bag is finished. From an idea and special materials from 5 years ago to things coming together last Summer over a lovely visit with a fellow cat lover on to meeting my sewing teacher who radiates courage and then last week putting in the last effort and even sewing in all threads and making everything neat.

So clever:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button

So dumb….
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
The beads make the button too big for the button hole. Typical cat behaviour.

Weird Wool Wednesday: planning for a dreaded meet

Today I face the manure plant people in the town hall, in a meeting lead by that dreadful mediator.

Plan for car ride:

Round and round and round and round. In lovely Ravenclaw colourway, self dripping yarn from Wolop.

Plan for meeting:

That’s a chocolate Sinterklaas! I’ll be keeping him in my purse, scrunching bits of it inconspicuously. Rustle rustle nom nom nom.

It’s done. Meeting is over. Not too much damage I think. We were manipulated‚Ķ and have to fix that at a later time. But it’s doable.
Now the car ride back. Can I start a toe in the dark?
I’m with Pippi:

Weird Wool Wednesday: just go for little cats, little socks and little drawings instead?

A #NANOvember mini drawing I did of a cat in a hand knit sock. With Lillepoes greetings on my pencil.

I’m knee deep in inspiration by cats and socks! I’m growing ever more fond of Wolbeest’ idea for her sock yarn surprise club of January as I draw the secret art for it and as we exchange pictures of our cats. I now want all the cat socks!

Wolop is also developing next years’ sock yarn collection and I want to participate in those too! Her ideas also go straight to my heart. I’ll tell you about them as soon as she releases the information.

Socks are such a good knitting project, just have one on the needles at all time and you’re good wherever you go.

There’s only a little logistic problem I need to solve, rather soonish:

This my sock drawer. It won’t close anymore.

It contains about half the pairs I own. These are the “Sophisticated City Knitter Socks”.

The “Goofy Cabin Dweller Socks” are .‚Ķ at the cabin. Where they give tremendous joy. Nothing like wearing happy handknits when you’re in the country and it’s cold outside.

But seriously, if I’m going to knit more socks, no, when I’m going to knit more socks, I have to clear another section of this book case. Where will the books go?

Concerned cat is concerned:

Actually this was while I was away last weekend. Lillepoes is trying to will Robert into doing something.

As you see he is failing to follow proper evening routine. Also hasn’t fed her in four years.