final round for Sock Madness!

The final pattern!

Labyrinth Socks by Heidi Lenore

Stranded knitting with a non repeating pattern, a vikkel braid cast on that won’t disentangle in the next row and various labyrinths from around the world.

Knitters worldwide are now competing for places 1, 2 and 3.

The finalists are spread like this:
2 Netherlands
2 Germany
3 Finland
1 New Zealand
2 Australia
1 Canada
1 France

And they’re off!


First finalist is Knea from Finland! She submitted finished socks at 10:51pm Zemy time (New York). She knit a pair of intricate stranded socks in just under 15 hours!!

A second finalist has finished: PaiviH! Also from Finland. What an amazing speed!

A few finalists have one sock finished and are working on their second: HeleenK from the Netherlands and EternalKnitter from Tasmania, Australia!

They are working their two colours. In the thread we are talking about hand positions to hold the yarn, colour dominance and whether there will be enough yarn to make it to both toes. The designer reckons there will be

Guess we now know who’s at the centre of the labyrinth:

yarn chicken.


attaching lace border to Spring Brioche Shawl

I’m making leafs at the end of my shawl. Some little ones and at this point I’m midway of some big ones. There’s also a bit of yarn-chicken going on. Will I finish the edging before I finish the ball of yarn?

For the lace border with leafs I chose free pattern Lehmus-huivi by Sari Åström

pic by Arteeni, knitted worked from the bottom to the top.

It has the advantage of leafs being worked form the stem to the tip of the leaf. And a nice airy surrounding of the leafs. This defines them nicely.
The patterns I looked at earlier for the lace edging had leafs that were either a bit squarish of were worked the wrong way up, making the leafs point upwards in my shawl instead of outwards.